Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

pictures from today....

Lids waiting for the jam

The pressure cooker has made it's appearance for the season

mmm... blue berries, I got a whole flat this year, half for jam and half for freezing....oh and some just for eating

because everyone needs a little bling (thanks to Grammie)

Such a happy baby

some of my flowers this year

The bees have been busy this year, I wonder where we stand with colony collapse...

not sure why the colors so vibrant

next in line to be jammed... Marion berries, but only if I can keep ahead of Aiden who has taken it upon himself to eat every one that looks mostly black

I went out and picked a sandwich bag today, just so I could say I ate some. He's eaten all but one of my raspberry's this year. That little berry hog!

one of the two sunflowers I planted that survived Loren and the weed whacker this spring

baby grapes. I think I'll try to make them into jelly this year

Pears... this is the neighbors tree, but it's in our yard so it's destined to be pear sauce for Natalie

Natalie is one of her favorite places, the hammock, alone. If you get in with her she will let you know what she thinks of that. She looks so mischievous in this picture.

I love her feet in this pic.. she's just starting to realize they belong to her.
more bees, not sure why I like to take pictures of them on flowers but I do... deal with it!

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  1. Love them! I need to learn how to make jam... raspberry jam to be exact... is there a way without a pressure cooker? Love the pics... natalie just keeps getting more and more adorable! Of course!