Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a double special day, 3 years old and 4 months old

Aiden opening one of his 3 morning presents
a... Fire Truck!

a... Log Truck

Natalie in a dress that was once mine

Looking so pretty in yellow

ohh... falling over in her 2 bows that Aiden insisted on

Looking so serious

The birthday banner I made

felt cake and candles

and flags representing his first 3 years, I'll add a new one each year

Eating his chocolate chip pancake, we go out for breakfast for his birthday every year

Natalie at breakfast, she had just woken up

night time present opening

a... Sleeping bag

enamel wear dishes from ever practical Mommy

Birthday dinner of homemade mac and cheese with alphabet noodles

eating dinner with his new dishes

Monday, August 24, 2009

ok so I've been slacking

Natalie asleep in the sling after walking to the playground

Natalie after she woke up from her nap on the grass

Uncle Tyler swinging Aiden in his new bag

why eat the doughnut when you can lick the sugar off?

Birthday celebration doughnuts

Natalie and Grampie

Natalie and Grandma

So much has happened, we went on vacation, Aiden turned 3, we went camping... Natalie is 4 months old...and so I will try to pick up the pieces. Let's start with Vacation... We went to Eagle Crest Resort with Tyler, Brooke, Colton and Ayla (and baby peanut) and shared a condo. Richard and Colleen were nice enough to get for us all. We had a great time together as always and the kids had a blast swimming, hanging out, going for night time hikes, seeing deer and baby fawns up close, and general merry-ment. The best was to be there when Brooke and Tyler told everyone about being pregnant again. Peoples faces are so much fun to watch!