Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And the winner is.... BROOKE!!

is the suspense killing you? no? well Brooke was right, they are reusable bags
Cute huh?I made them slightly larger then regular bags because I think most bags are too small for a good hardy sandwich.  Don't look too close, or forget them, they are Valentine gifts for some of you!!
I even made snack bags with the left over. 
mmm... I made some vegetable bean soup with kale. 
I have never used kale before but it turned out really well.
And I have been making a lot of this bread.  It is so easy and SO yummy!
Here is our whole meal.  Even Natalie had some soup and bread.
Natalie is not liking her helmet, but she is ok with brothers! I  think I might have to get her her own Nutcase helmet they are more trailer friendly with a flat back. I'm thinking this one or maybe embrace the fact that she's a girl and get this one
We have ridden the bike every day this week and the kids are getting better about being in the trailer together and Natalie seems to be getting used to her helmet.  I love my new bike and I love riding to school and shopping.  Why drive when you can ride?
the bike, the basket, the kids
isn't it cute?
Today Natalie fell asleep on the way home from school.  Look how cute her new "big girl" coat is!
SO cute and snuggled in
Oh and look what a dork I am, not only did I already buy Christmas gifts but I got all three of us matching Hanna's...they were WAY on sale and how could I say no?  I just LOVE how soft and organic they are. mmm.... who cares if we're wearing Christmas colors all year? And besides, who really sees you in your PJ's anyway?   Congratulations Brooke, I'll be sending you a bag of each color for guessing right.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

weekend crafting and a....CONTEST!!

Natale will not tolerate her helmet.  It's too big and the hat didn't help.  I am hoping she'll get used to it. Soon so I can go further on the bike

She's happy without it though~

On Thursday we went for a bike ride to the Library and her are the kids in the trailer. Aren't they cute?
Isn't my bike cute? I just got a basket and i need to put it on

Saturday was a wonderful day, it's January right?  tell my Leeks that!

It was about 60, Loren mowed the lawn, I trimmed all the berries and roses (good thing since they were budding out!)

Then kids had a great time in the yard.  Natalie ate grass.. yum!~

So at Nap time the crafting finally began.  Can you guess what I'm making with the white and black Nylon? If you guess right you win a very special prize...(it's what I'm making)  
Here it is all cut out... you have until... oh my next blog post or the end of the month.  Which ever is longer. I wont tell you if you are wrong but I'll end the contest/giveaway when someone guesses and post finished pictures.

Looking for a bonus question?  What are these?
Everyone loves Extra Credit...
My Valentine Bags, all finished and full of Valentine gifts

I sewed a bird from the material onto card stock for the cards.  My pen sucked and I'm not happy with how the names turned out.

Wondering what the back looks like? I used clear quilting thread on the front and regular thread in the bobbin.
I also made Nat-bug some training pants.  They are the Little Comet Tails Stellar Transitions

Here they are un-snapped, and her cute little but and feet

She seems to like them, and they make potty time easier.

Look she's showing off the birds.  If you ever wondered why she always has a hair clip in.. it's necessary, not for fashion as you can see.

Sometimes I catch her looking so sweet, but right now if she sees a camera... she 'smiles' like this!

Or this... I love my little ham!!  Good luck with the contest, with the 7 of you who read this blog it will be steep competition!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Surprise trip to the Beach

So my mom came down last Friday to visit on her way to Ryan's for MLK day.  Well when push came to shove I wanted to go too.  What can I say, I love the beach!!  So we tagged along on her trip and had a great time.  Other then getting caught just behind a accident that closed 101 for 2 hours.  So we went around on forest service roads, in the rain, at dusk in the cloud bank.  It saved us some time but not a whole lot and Natalie was not too into being in a dark car.  She let us know by crying almost the whole time. It was fun, we really needed those martinis when we got to Ryan's.  On the second night there was a big storm with winds and lightning and the kids had a blast.  Natalie is all over the place with her crawling now, she gets her butt a wiggling when she kicks it into high gear.  She got her first top tooth on Tuesday and has two more right behind it.  My little gummy grin is going away.  I loved the two bottom teeth look. We (who are we kidding, I have been) doing EC with Natalie.  She has really gotten the hang of it and I have been catching most of her poops and a number of pees during the day.  I even got her some tiny little underwear for when we are home and working on her awareness.  I feel like it doesn't take much longer then changing a diaper and it's easier to clean up! So yep, my 9 month old (can you believe she's 9 months already??) uses the potty.  And she looks so cute! We hope you all had a great weekend.  I am looking forward to some weekend crafting of a Valentines Day bunting/banner and Aiden has requested some wings. We'll see, I might just end up buying him some Sarah's Silk wings and saving myself the trouble. Happy crafting and have a great weekend, who knows I might surprise you and post again!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

weekend crafting

So weekends with Loren home is the only time I can sew anymore so I often spend all weekend crafting (other then nursing, putting kids to bed, cleaning, cooking, baking, putting things away, doing laundry..well you get the point) So this weekend I had me a few projects to get done.  One a fleece shirt for Soren's 1st birthday (on December 25th) but he's understanding that I had holiday crafting to do.  And a pilots hat for Natalie because she's outgrown Aiden's old green one.  So the feece shirts idea came from the Polar Chamies they sell at Market here in town for oh... 35 bucks I think?  and it's just fleece surged together so I traced Aiden's old pair and cut out a shirt from left over from diaper fleece I had sitting around.

The pilots hat I made by tracing Aiden's old hat, I then added a little over a 1/4 inch all around and cut it out of some knit I had sitting around and also some more diaper fleece to line it with.  I want it to be warm and bulky for her to wear under the bike helmet that is very big on her.

I put a snap on it instead of the tie the old one had because it seem to annoy her and get in the way.

Side view of it

she seems to like it and I'm happy with how it turned out.  It even matches her jamies (that she's still in at 2!!)
What the hell it's Sunday, right?