Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Sunday, January 24, 2010

weekend crafting and a....CONTEST!!

Natale will not tolerate her helmet.  It's too big and the hat didn't help.  I am hoping she'll get used to it. Soon so I can go further on the bike

She's happy without it though~

On Thursday we went for a bike ride to the Library and her are the kids in the trailer. Aren't they cute?
Isn't my bike cute? I just got a basket and i need to put it on

Saturday was a wonderful day, it's January right?  tell my Leeks that!

It was about 60, Loren mowed the lawn, I trimmed all the berries and roses (good thing since they were budding out!)

Then kids had a great time in the yard.  Natalie ate grass.. yum!~

So at Nap time the crafting finally began.  Can you guess what I'm making with the white and black Nylon? If you guess right you win a very special prize...(it's what I'm making)  
Here it is all cut out... you have until... oh my next blog post or the end of the month.  Which ever is longer. I wont tell you if you are wrong but I'll end the contest/giveaway when someone guesses and post finished pictures.

Looking for a bonus question?  What are these?
Everyone loves Extra Credit...
My Valentine Bags, all finished and full of Valentine gifts

I sewed a bird from the material onto card stock for the cards.  My pen sucked and I'm not happy with how the names turned out.

Wondering what the back looks like? I used clear quilting thread on the front and regular thread in the bobbin.
I also made Nat-bug some training pants.  They are the Little Comet Tails Stellar Transitions

Here they are un-snapped, and her cute little but and feet

She seems to like them, and they make potty time easier.

Look she's showing off the birds.  If you ever wondered why she always has a hair clip in.. it's necessary, not for fashion as you can see.

Sometimes I catch her looking so sweet, but right now if she sees a camera... she 'smiles' like this!

Or this... I love my little ham!!  Good luck with the contest, with the 7 of you who read this blog it will be steep competition!!


  1. YAY! The jammies fit! So glad...

  2. They sure do. Thanks again for them!! I have an appreciation gift for you but you have to wait for the end of the contest. :)

  3. They are sandwich or snack bags... reusable of course! Am I right? Love Natalie's smiles... she is so cute. And the training pants are adorable! I guess the only way I would try it is if I had another girl... they just seem smarter in the potty training area! I love you guys! Can't believe you have Valentine stuff done! What kind of goodies are in there? I need to start mine! Talk to you soon!

  4. Oh, and the bonus question: either breast pads or coasters.

  5. Hmmm...I've got the breast pads thing. But the other, nope.
    Some sort of nylon leg covering? Brooke is probably right, I can't think of anything else made with nylon.
    Wait! A Member's Only jacket! I know that's what it must be...
    (I just totally dated myself, didn't I?)
    I hope I win!

  6. Not breast pads people! I would have made those 9 months ago if I had needed them. They are gifts... for someone...

  7. Like I said, they are coasters! Was I right on the sandwich bags? or maybe reusable envelopes? I am dying to know!

  8. well, I have now learned to exclude those who ALWAYS win from contests. Yes Brooke, they are re-usable snack and sandwich bags. I will be sending you a set. The round things are not costers. Look at the size, they would be too small. I'll let you keep guessing!