Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Thursday, May 27, 2010

um...we've been kind of busy

this picture about sums it up. 

But let me just say that we are all moved into the new house, we did NOT get a moving truck so it was all done in small trips with help from my mom and brother.  Tomorrow I do a final walk through of the old house, take a few more raspberries, wax the floor and turn in the keys.  Once the kids and I kick this cold we got (again, I think a month of GO GO GO has caught up with us) and normalcy returns maybe, just maybe I will:
  1. finish writing the thank you notes for Natalie's birthday
  2. work regularly again
  3. start sleep training Natalie so I don't get kicked in the face all night and she's not up until 1030 every night, seriously what kind of bad parent lets their 13 month old stay up until 1030??
  4. plant the trees Roxanne brought us
  5. sew something in my new craft room, yes I have a craft room (that I share with Loren's office and is becoming more and more office as I fail to claim my space, I need to go up and mark my territory)
  6. read a book, maybe the one I just got... Our babies, Ourselves... I don't even know where it is...
  7. wash the floor, haven't even done that yet!
  8. knit.  I started a soaker, by the time I get it done it won't fit her
  9. re-connect with lost friends... we miss you pre-school buddies!
and now I will go make dinner with a toddler on my back because separation anxiety has set in full force around here.

I haven't forgotten you all... I'm just running around like a chicken with my head cut off.