Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Saturday, August 27, 2011

um... wow, its' been a long time.

 SO all I can say is I've been busy growing this.... 39 weeks today.
 the kids have been busy being super cute, here under the loft bed in what's now the babies room
 Aiden's busy turning 5!  FIVE can you believe it??? I can't
 He got a new bike as his big present from Loren and I
Now he looks like a little kid on a big bike and not a big kid on a little bike.
 We are still set to go forward with our home birth and I have really been enjoying pre-natals at home, with the kids involved, and I am looking forward to a calm, peaceful birth at home around the 7th, that's when I told 'Fishy' it could come, after Aiden's first day of school, after my mom's big move, after the long weekend that my brother has to work and when my MIL has 7 day off in a row.  It is just good timing all around.
Loren is still working a lot and looking forward to adding one more to his lap!! I will try to get better about adding pictures and up dates for the next few weeks before baby comes.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Oregon Country Fair

 We went to the OCF again this year.  And this year Grammie went with us.
 stilt walkers/dancers before the gate
 the play area, one of the kids favorite places
 Natalie wore her wings all day, and this year it was wonderful weather (beats last years 100+)
 Aiden jumping down into the sand pit
 I went to the midwives booth and they figured out the baby's position and then they paint the baby, it's in a fish bowl since Aiden calls it Fishy.
 Parades!! the kids loved all the parades...this was a fish parade
 or maybe it was under the sea...
 Aiden rolling in the "bus" with his sunflower..the wagon is the greatest thing at fair.
walking the long walk out to the car....32 weeks down, 6-10 to go!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011

these moments

'working' in the yard
 The kids watering the garden for me
 Aiden telling me about something serious

 this is how Natalie goes to sleep at night... with all 4 animals in her arms
 Baby Fishy... getting big
 it's quite the active baby in there
 Aiden asked me to take this picture, naked trike riding at Nonnies
 making compost with Nonnie
 Natalie's birthday celebration with Grammie last week (more pics to follow)
Morning reading of Richard Scary with Daddy

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

um.. yeah

so, I've been missing.  I have nothing to blame it on really.  Except that I'm pregnant, tired, have two crazy kids, the dog tried to kill herself last week, had the family over last weekend, planted my raised beds and am actually enrolling Aiden in kindergarten on Friday (to start in September).  Oh and I might have finally gotten my hands on The Land of Painted Caves.  It's taking up all my spare time, I only have 14 days to read all 700+ pages.  I will really try to get up mother's day pictures.  And new house pictures (did you know we've been here for a year on the 7th?) But right now I have a book calling me, and blueberry muffins warm from the oven (why? because it's Wednesday at 2:30, why else?).  So I'll be going now and maybe I'll get the pictures on the computer tomorrow and actually blog about something (maybe some crafting, I haven't said anything about crafting for a while and we all know I haven't stopped). 

Happy Wednesday.... now I must read!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Game

 We took the kids to the spring game on Saturday
 It was their first football game and we figured if they freaked out and wanted to leave, at least we didn't pay for tickets (it was 3 cans of food to get in)
 We got there an hour before kick off, but we were the 8th row from the field at the 10 yard line
 Don't they look excited to be there?
 It was better when things started happening
 a pac 10 record crowd of 48,000 showed up (only 5.300 went to the Beaver spring game) and a record amount of food collected for Food for Lane County
 the sun came out after a bit and Natalie started to have some fun!
 Kick off!
 Kicking the field goal after the one 63 (?) yard touch down was scored right in front of us!
We left at half time after watching all the good player play (along with a lot of other people) and walked back to Franklin where we parked.  The kid are still talking about it so it must have been fun.  It was fun for Loren and I and we learned to get a babysitter if we want to go to another game!

Hippity Hopity!

Easter weekend was lovely.  We ran the fountin at my mom's house for the kids
Hung out in the sun, did some swinging
Hunted felt eggs in the morning
Got hopped up on sugar before 8 am
mmmm...saltwater taffy at 7:15!
Found baskets with lots of fun things in them: for Aiden a lego kit, a book and of course more candy!
Natalie got chalk eggs, a bell for her bike, a little snow globe, a book and candy!
Next on our day was the traditional Easter brunch at my Aunt and Uncle's... Natalie at the kids table!
Aiden seriously engaged in conversation (or planning his egg hunt strategy)
And they're off... we gave the littlest three a bit of a head start
Natalie LOVED it, and did quite well
look at her hamming it up for pictures
the older kids had to find eggs along the many trails on the property.  When all was said and done and the eggs all found (we think) the kids headed inside to check their loot and trade goodies... all but Natalie who got the door and said, "no (in)side, go find more eggs..." And so her and my mom went to look for more eggs (they found one)
Jane and Aiden after eating all their candy riding Uncle Ryan

Cousins.. how cute.  Looks like they still like each other a year after getting married.