Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hippity Hopity!

Easter weekend was lovely.  We ran the fountin at my mom's house for the kids
Hung out in the sun, did some swinging
Hunted felt eggs in the morning
Got hopped up on sugar before 8 am
mmmm...saltwater taffy at 7:15!
Found baskets with lots of fun things in them: for Aiden a lego kit, a book and of course more candy!
Natalie got chalk eggs, a bell for her bike, a little snow globe, a book and candy!
Next on our day was the traditional Easter brunch at my Aunt and Uncle's... Natalie at the kids table!
Aiden seriously engaged in conversation (or planning his egg hunt strategy)
And they're off... we gave the littlest three a bit of a head start
Natalie LOVED it, and did quite well
look at her hamming it up for pictures
the older kids had to find eggs along the many trails on the property.  When all was said and done and the eggs all found (we think) the kids headed inside to check their loot and trade goodies... all but Natalie who got the door and said, "no (in)side, go find more eggs..." And so her and my mom went to look for more eggs (they found one)
Jane and Aiden after eating all their candy riding Uncle Ryan

Cousins.. how cute.  Looks like they still like each other a year after getting married.

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