Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Game

 We took the kids to the spring game on Saturday
 It was their first football game and we figured if they freaked out and wanted to leave, at least we didn't pay for tickets (it was 3 cans of food to get in)
 We got there an hour before kick off, but we were the 8th row from the field at the 10 yard line
 Don't they look excited to be there?
 It was better when things started happening
 a pac 10 record crowd of 48,000 showed up (only 5.300 went to the Beaver spring game) and a record amount of food collected for Food for Lane County
 the sun came out after a bit and Natalie started to have some fun!
 Kick off!
 Kicking the field goal after the one 63 (?) yard touch down was scored right in front of us!
We left at half time after watching all the good player play (along with a lot of other people) and walked back to Franklin where we parked.  The kid are still talking about it so it must have been fun.  It was fun for Loren and I and we learned to get a babysitter if we want to go to another game!

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