Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well Aiden had his first day of school today on the first day of fall.  Fitting since we have named our school SpringfieldWaldkinder (forest school).  We met out at the ranch for our first day outside to learn about squirrels and nuts, but most importantly how to share, play together and have a good time.  I think it went well and I am looking forward to tomorrow!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Clean up from the old Computer

A visit to the ranch last week and some B&W shots I took of Natalie, not enough light but still nice looking.  Enjoy, more to come!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just a few pictures...

Look at the size of this tomato we grew!!
She is such a happy baby, doesn't she look like she's dancing?
I actually see myself in this one
So cute!
Look at her sitting up!!
I am going to crop this one and convert it to B&W I just wish they were looking the same way
Aiden might or might not be poking at Natalie, but she loves him so!
I told Aiden I wanted to take a picture of just him... this is what I got
So cute...not what I had in mind, but cute none the less
Natalie looking cute in her sweater that Grammie made her
This is Aiden's Uncle Ryan get up, he wanted this Carhart hat (it was 50% off, how can I say no?) and he's showing you his camo band-aids.  Also notice the John Deere shirt.  (I should put in that his new favorite song right now is the 'Big Green Tractor' song on the country station)
He also wanted me to buy him pants "like Daddy's" and a Jacket like "Uncle Ryan and Daddy's, but in green" We'll see, Santa has started taking notes. You know how practical Santa is.
to complete the look it looks like he has a chew in. Loren saw this and said "looks like we need to move to the country"

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Status up-date

yep, I got everything done that I had planned:
from left to right, 5 burp cloths, 7 quarts of peaches, the rest of the peaches that I'm saving for Sarah, 2 mini wipes/ teethers, 2 pair of undies for Aiden, a bag for Aiden and under it all a changing pad that I am going to have ahard time giving away!
I also made a plum tart with toasted walnut pic as it's long gone, read about 300 pages in my book (nursing time is good for more than just blog posting), went for a walk at the ranch AND hung out in the yard with the fam eating raspberries (why do I still have raspberries?  I don't know but YUM!)
What a good weekend (and it's only 3:30 on Sunday) about this messy house

Saturday, September 12, 2009

weekend projects

oh, I have just a few things on my plate..

-make a changing pad
-make more cloth wipes
-finish 2 more pairs of undies for Aiden
-make some more burp cloths, for me and a friend
-make a bag for Aiden, because he saw the fabric and decided he needed one

um, well that's about it.
......did I mention I just picked up 66 pounds of canning peaches?  yep...nice relaxing weekend ahead of me.

Friday, September 11, 2009

4 month and 3 year check ups!

So the kids had their check ups this week. They both look great

Aiden's stats:

Height: 38.75 inches
Percentile: 80%

Weight: 33 pounds
Percentile: 75%

Specifics: We found a cavity on one of his back 2 year molars, so we went to the Dentist on Thursday and the doc told us based on the condition of his other teeth he thinks the molar was deformed during development and didn't have enamel on it or it was really thin enamel since he's only had that tooth for about 8 months. So in January we are going to get it filled. That should be fun! Other then that he looked great was on track developmentally and wont have to go back until he's 5! Wow how time flies.

Natalie's stats:

Height: 26.5 inches
Percentile: 95%

Weight: 14 pounds 5.3 ounces
Percentile: 50%

Specifics: Natalie is at a 7 month level with her motor development and the doc thinks she'll be crawling soon (oh please no!). She has started teething and the tooth buds are visible so it shouldn't be too long before they break though the gums. For now we are giving her teething tablets and I have started making her an amber necklace. She is just starting to sign for nursing/eating and is able to sit up on her own for a bit before she goes forward or rolls to the side. My baby girl is growing up so fast!!

Enchanted Forest

On Labor Day we met my mom in Salem and took the kids to Enchanted Forest (because you know Natalie really wanted to go,Right?). We had a great time Aiden LOVED the bumper boats and was really bummed out that he was an inch too short to ride the log ride. Next year we told him. Having never been there it was fun for all of us, we brought a picnic and ate it in a castle. Aiden liked the random slides and little houses. It wasn't too crowded and I will take the kids back again for sure! We hope you all had a great Labor day too!

Aiden's very own blog!!!

Go visit Aiden's new blog... he designed it himself!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Natalie saying '"dada"

isn't this the sweetest voice ever?