Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just a few pictures...

Look at the size of this tomato we grew!!
She is such a happy baby, doesn't she look like she's dancing?
I actually see myself in this one
So cute!
Look at her sitting up!!
I am going to crop this one and convert it to B&W I just wish they were looking the same way
Aiden might or might not be poking at Natalie, but she loves him so!
I told Aiden I wanted to take a picture of just him... this is what I got
So cute...not what I had in mind, but cute none the less
Natalie looking cute in her sweater that Grammie made her
This is Aiden's Uncle Ryan get up, he wanted this Carhart hat (it was 50% off, how can I say no?) and he's showing you his camo band-aids.  Also notice the John Deere shirt.  (I should put in that his new favorite song right now is the 'Big Green Tractor' song on the country station)
He also wanted me to buy him pants "like Daddy's" and a Jacket like "Uncle Ryan and Daddy's, but in green" We'll see, Santa has started taking notes. You know how practical Santa is.
to complete the look it looks like he has a chew in. Loren saw this and said "looks like we need to move to the country"


  1. Such adorable pictures of them together. Colton happens to love the song "Big Green Tractor" also... go figure!

  2. who would have guessed our tractor loving boys would pick up on that!

  3. A great collection of pics. Love Natalie's glam shots, and the ones of Natalie and Aiden snuggling. Too cute! - Kathleen

  4. so sweet...those pictures are going to produce lots of sibling giggles too when you show them to Aiden and Natalie later on down the road:)

  5. this a caption for the country pic of Aiden. "Ah shucks ma, cain't ah just shoot a couple a varmints tonight? Aw won't clean em' in the shack this time! Uncle Ryan would be honored to be able to provide Santa Clause some help in the carthart jacket dept. Green is always been my favorite color!