Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Monday, October 19, 2009

Up-date from Natalie

Hi, this is Natalie.  I just wanted to let you all know what I've been up to.  As the second child Mommy doesn't give weekly up-dates like she did with Aiden.  But that's fine, she still takes pictures and sometimes writes things in my baby book.  So I'm six months old now, it seems like just yesterday I was clinging to my mothers uterus refusing to leave, it was cramped but warm and cozy.  So what have I been up to (other then learning to type) well, I can sit up now, unless Aiden comes to close or does something I think is silly because then I have to flap my arms and kick my legs and I often fall over due to all the gesticulation. I am eating too, it all started a few weeks ago when I grabbed some applesauce on a spoon and put it in my mouth.  I like it but I really prefer to feed myself with this mesh bag mom gives me.  I have one tooth that I like to use to bite on things, especially if it will make noises when I chew on it (like my rubber place mat, I like how it squeeks).  I can also talk some, I have been saying Dada for a few weeks and last week I threw in Mama, I usually save this for when I am upset because if I say Mama enough looking at Mom then she almost always comes to get me. It's my secret weapon. My hair on the side of my head fell out, but now it's growing back.  I never lost the stuff on the top so I kinda look like I have a bad toupee on.  I can also say no, or shake my head.  I learned that from Aiden.  It gets lots of laughs because I have to concentrate to get it right.  Well here's a video of me shaking my head.  I hope you all like this little up-date from me.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

So my birthday weekend My mom came down to celebrate with us.  We had fun on Friday, Mom came down early enough to go swimming with the kids and I then we went and got new shoes. I love having cute shoes, and Aiden has his first pair of big boy shoes, Keens with a real sole.  On Saturday we went to Saturday market then to Deetering Orchard for the Apple Festival.  I spent most of the time (an hour and a half!) standing in line for a 5 minute horse drawn hay ride.  The things we do for our kids.  On the plus side I got my first gallon of fresh apple cider.  This is a picture of Aiden on his hayride, giving me his tough guy face.

I think I could have just showed him this old cat and saved my self the time in line!

The kids looking cute while Mom and I made birthday dinner

Natalie's not sure and Aiden's hamming it up!

birthday morning picture by Aiden

Family Picture before going out for breakfast

afternoon cheesecake and coffee... YUM!

So this is my balloon.  The story goes like this:  Aiden decided he wanted to buy me a balloon, and so it was part of his plan with my mom.  So on Saturday I took them to a florist to buy a balloon.  I waited outside with Natalie and after what seemed like a LONG time they came out with 2 balloons.  This  small yellow one and a massive rose.  So big that it's still around two weeks later. My mom looked at me and laughed and told me to ask Aiden what balloon was mine.  I bet you can guess, yep the yellow one.  Aiden gave it to me and said I could share it with him.  And just so you know he already had a yellow balloon from the apple fest AND a balloon dog that I bought him at Saturday market.  He wouldn't share the rose either. 

Here he is very pleased with his balloon. He could have had a bird or a puppy but he chose the rose!

These are my cake-pops.  Isn't it clever.  I have clever friends.  Sarah made these for me along with a very cute pin cushion. They were VERY good.  I love that you can see Aiden in the background just waiting for the chance to eat one.

All in all it was a great birthday!  Thank you everyone for your warm wishes and I look forward to celebrating my 29th again next year!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Trip to Ryan's for peaches

We went to Ryan's to can Peaches as always and also to celebrate Aiden's birthday.  Instead of a party he asked to go to Uncle Ryan's and Play.  SO we took him to the aquarium on the first day, Grammie came down to play for a night, we canned peaches, went  to the beach and had a birthday celebration!  It was great fun and I'm sorry it's taken me SO so long to post pictures.  We're kinda busy these days.  I'm lucky if I get a shower.  Oh and if you think I'm just sitting around posting blogs, I'm not, Natalie is sitting on my lap, Aiden is helping me dust and luckily blogger now lets you cue up a ton of pictures at a time.  So I cue them all up, and go clean/cook dinner/take care of kids/nurse and nurse again then come back and type something up real quick.  Natalie just tried to delete it all so I'll stop whiel I'm ahead.  Have a great weekend and the next time I post I'll be DAMN close to 30.  I have decided to just stay 29.  It's a good age I bet. 

Photo shoot with Mommy!

ok, so I took some pics of the kids today and I have to share!

Wildlife safari...Ages ago!! (june 16th)

Yep we went like oh... 3 months ago.  I had to get a root canal done in Ashland... why Ashland you ask?  Who knows, OHP logic!!  So I convinced my mom to go (how else would I get a root canal with 2 kids) and we made a trip of it.  We stoped at Wildlife Safari on our way down and it was way cooler then I remember it! Then we went to a hotel with a pool and "a baby refridgerater, with juice in it" that Aiden is STILL talking about.  Today he said "maybe when Nonnie comes down tomorrow she'll bring money for hotels and stuff, Maybe?" (because every time he asks if we are going to go stay in a hotel I tell him we don't have the money to do that).  Funny kid.  Any way here are the pics from June 16th!!  Natalie went swimming for her first time too, seem to like it, just like her brother.