Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wildlife safari...Ages ago!! (june 16th)

Yep we went like oh... 3 months ago.  I had to get a root canal done in Ashland... why Ashland you ask?  Who knows, OHP logic!!  So I convinced my mom to go (how else would I get a root canal with 2 kids) and we made a trip of it.  We stoped at Wildlife Safari on our way down and it was way cooler then I remember it! Then we went to a hotel with a pool and "a baby refridgerater, with juice in it" that Aiden is STILL talking about.  Today he said "maybe when Nonnie comes down tomorrow she'll bring money for hotels and stuff, Maybe?" (because every time he asks if we are going to go stay in a hotel I tell him we don't have the money to do that).  Funny kid.  Any way here are the pics from June 16th!!  Natalie went swimming for her first time too, seem to like it, just like her brother.

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