Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Sunday, October 18, 2009

So my birthday weekend My mom came down to celebrate with us.  We had fun on Friday, Mom came down early enough to go swimming with the kids and I then we went and got new shoes. I love having cute shoes, and Aiden has his first pair of big boy shoes, Keens with a real sole.  On Saturday we went to Saturday market then to Deetering Orchard for the Apple Festival.  I spent most of the time (an hour and a half!) standing in line for a 5 minute horse drawn hay ride.  The things we do for our kids.  On the plus side I got my first gallon of fresh apple cider.  This is a picture of Aiden on his hayride, giving me his tough guy face.

I think I could have just showed him this old cat and saved my self the time in line!

The kids looking cute while Mom and I made birthday dinner

Natalie's not sure and Aiden's hamming it up!

birthday morning picture by Aiden

Family Picture before going out for breakfast

afternoon cheesecake and coffee... YUM!

So this is my balloon.  The story goes like this:  Aiden decided he wanted to buy me a balloon, and so it was part of his plan with my mom.  So on Saturday I took them to a florist to buy a balloon.  I waited outside with Natalie and after what seemed like a LONG time they came out with 2 balloons.  This  small yellow one and a massive rose.  So big that it's still around two weeks later. My mom looked at me and laughed and told me to ask Aiden what balloon was mine.  I bet you can guess, yep the yellow one.  Aiden gave it to me and said I could share it with him.  And just so you know he already had a yellow balloon from the apple fest AND a balloon dog that I bought him at Saturday market.  He wouldn't share the rose either. 

Here he is very pleased with his balloon. He could have had a bird or a puppy but he chose the rose!

These are my cake-pops.  Isn't it clever.  I have clever friends.  Sarah made these for me along with a very cute pin cushion. They were VERY good.  I love that you can see Aiden in the background just waiting for the chance to eat one.

All in all it was a great birthday!  Thank you everyone for your warm wishes and I look forward to celebrating my 29th again next year!!


  1. Love the balloon story! That is awesome... sounds like something my little rascals would do! Glad you had a great birthday.

  2. VERY fun post. Loved the photos and the comments. The balloon story is soooo good. Kathleen

  3. Lousy kids. Keeping the balloons to themselves. Gosh, those pops ARE clever. She must be one awesome gal...haha.

  4. she is awesome, I'm quite lucky to have her as a friend, maybe her cleverness will rub off on me!!

  5. Awww...
    Anyone who can make a babywearing cape off the top of their head needs no added cleverness!