Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Natalie's 2 month Appointment

I borrowed a swaddler from a friend and now I can get her to sleep in the cradle for about 3 hours

Sleeping on Daddy Monday morning

wondering why I am documenting her nap

awww... look at those poor little thighs

Big stretch

Looking seriously at the shadows

She's so Darn Cute!!

All Smiles for the camera

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So Natalie had her two month appointment today. She was 9 pounds 12.7 ounces, the 25th percentile, and 23.5 inches long, the 90th percentile. We(I) have decided to follow an alternative vaccine schedule with Natalie and so she received only 2 shots today and the oral rotavirus. She got HepB and DTaP. The doc said she looked great, but that her hips were a little loose so we are going to have a ultrasound on them later this month just to make sure everything is where it should be. I felt awful when she got her shots but at least it was only 2 and not 4 or 5.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day Camping trip!!

Yep, that's right, this picture can mean only one thing. Two adult, one toddler one newborn and a stinky dog on the road. Can you believe we all fit? I can't. In all fairness Malaki only had about 4 square feet.

So I up-loaded these pictures backwards, so this is the last day and the last picture is the first day, but we'll get though it and maybe I've learned a lesson for next time. Isn't this cute? Father and son on Fathers day in matching Carhart's. I didn't even do it intentionally... I love how they are mirroring each other here.

The kids with their daddy on Daddy's day. Aiden is showing off his bobber that he found. It's now a bath toy.

Malaki watching Loren to see if he'll look away long enough for her to jump in the lake.

Aiden in my hat with my hat light on. He thought it was the best thing ever. He looks like such a big boy!

through the campfire (this is still Sunday Morning)

Saturday night around the campfire. Natalie looks so different in this picture, she looks square and so not 2 months old.

Aiden decided after all the work of S'mores that he really only likes the chocolate. So I had to eat his s'more. It's tough to be a mom sometimes.

Aiden blowing out his marshmallow (that's on fire)

Cooking his first marshmallow

Aiden took this picture

And this one. I can't wait to get him his own kid tough camera and see what he takes pictures of when he's on his own.

Father and daughter

Natalie hanging out on the picnic table (I bet you're wondering how we fit everything about now...the boppy, a bouncer, a cooler, dog, kids, tent, food, clothes..... oh the power of efficient packing)

She loved looking at the trees

Natalie and I on the shore, watching the dog

Father, son and dog

She is a spry old lady, I will say that

It was bound to happen, I just wish he had taken his shoes off

The family

Loren, Aiden and the dog before we accepted that dogs like the water, and for fat old dogs, water aerobics is good.

So we only went for one night, originally we had planned on two but we(I) were cold and somehow the full sized air mattress just wasn't big enough for Natalie, Loren and I and although we brought the porta-crib (another thing to add to the list) she only napped in it a few times and we (I) used it to change diapers on. Also it rained on us during the night and for a bit while we were making coffee in the morning. So we packed up on Sunday at a leisurely pace, had bacon and eggs, two pots of coffee and headed home. We learned a few things we need to add to our camping stuff and some things weren't used so they will be retired for now to make room for the new. It is always easy if the first trip of the season is a short one. Oh did I even tell you where we went? Just about 30 minutes out of town to Fall Creek Reservoir. It was a beautiful state park and we camped under huge trees, which helped to keep us fairly dry during all that rain. All in all it was a great trip and I think it was a good fathers day for Loren. Happy father's day to all the Dad's out there and I hope you all did something you love with those who love you like we did.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Ten Things I Love Right Now...

1. berries warm from the sun (when the birds don't get them)

2. the cute stretching, face-making, noisy way Natalie wakes up in the morning

3. having a baby in bed with us again

4. the running commentary that Aiden provides from the back seat. It often goes something like this : (in a soft sweet voice) "garbage can, fire hydrant, nuder fire hydrant, red fire hydrant, garbage can, garbage can, garbage can, fire hydrant", (then if he sees something note worthy he gets loud and excited) "yook mommy, a fire truck, see? right there, a red one! "(then back to the observational commentary) and this goes on until we get where we're going, at which point we move on to looking for sprinklers, or he falls asleep.

5. Family, I miss you all

6. having windows open all the time.
7. going back to the Y.

8. my serger

9. idea sharing, especially when it is something to make my life easier.


10. simplicity....

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jr Rose Festival Parade week

Lisa, Audria, Natalie and Gabe

kissing cousins!

Audria holding Natalie

Gabe, only 6 pounds lighter then Aiden at just over a year

Miss Audria

Lisa meeting Natalie for the first time

Nonnie in Aiden's glasses, Aiden in Nonnies

Aiden and Nonnie waiting for the parade

Natalie's first too... sleeping in the bECO in Aiden's stroller.. it only lasted a few minutes, then I had to hold her the whole time but she slept through all the bands!

Aiden's first Jr Rose Festival Parade!
We went to Portland for the Junior Rose Festival Parade, it's only blocks from my mom's house and since I always loved it I thought he should too. He lasted about an hour and a half. My battery died on my camera or I would have more pictures. He liked seeing all the kids it seemed. What was to be a two night trip turned into 3 as I had to have my CV boot and axle replaced on the car, at least we got it done before something bad happened. So we went and saw Lisa and the kids on her birthday. Everyone was really gentle with Natalie and it was nice to see all the kids together. Happy 25th Lisa, I hope it was all you wanted it to be.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Cousins Come to Visit!!

The boys playing in the sand box

Uncle Tyler creating a monster with Natalie (she now expects to be carried like this) Look at the beautiful kick bag Aunt Brooke made her

Aiden changing gears

The cousins watching Cars

The boys and their boys, carrying a cloth carrier, never to be used but insisted upon by the women

Ayla in the bECO

Colton getting off Aiden's tractor to give Ayla a turn

Ayla playing with Uncle Loren's tools

The kids watching cars

So Tyler, Brooke, Colton and Ayla came and visited last weekend. The weather was HOT and our house is small so they camped in the back yard. We had a great time with them just hanging out in the yard watching the kids run around naked, enjoying the shade and catching up. The big boys threw the football around and kicked the basket ball for the dog. It is so nice to see Loren with his brother. On Sunday we went out to the ranch for a walk. Natalie developed really bad diaper rash that afternoon so we took turns holding a very fussy baby and eating ice cream, drinking lemon aid and having a good time. Everyone left on Monday and we were very sad to see them leave. We hope to get the kids together again soon. It's so nice to see cousins and brothers playing together