Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Monday, June 8, 2009

Ten Things I Love Right Now...

1. berries warm from the sun (when the birds don't get them)

2. the cute stretching, face-making, noisy way Natalie wakes up in the morning

3. having a baby in bed with us again

4. the running commentary that Aiden provides from the back seat. It often goes something like this : (in a soft sweet voice) "garbage can, fire hydrant, nuder fire hydrant, red fire hydrant, garbage can, garbage can, garbage can, fire hydrant", (then if he sees something note worthy he gets loud and excited) "yook mommy, a fire truck, see? right there, a red one! "(then back to the observational commentary) and this goes on until we get where we're going, at which point we move on to looking for sprinklers, or he falls asleep.

5. Family, I miss you all

6. having windows open all the time.
7. going back to the Y.

8. my serger

9. idea sharing, especially when it is something to make my life easier.


10. simplicity....

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  1. Love it! Do the woolies make things easier? I sure hope so, even with an oops! And we miss you too!