Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Natalie's 2 month Appointment

I borrowed a swaddler from a friend and now I can get her to sleep in the cradle for about 3 hours

Sleeping on Daddy Monday morning

wondering why I am documenting her nap

awww... look at those poor little thighs

Big stretch

Looking seriously at the shadows

She's so Darn Cute!!

All Smiles for the camera

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So Natalie had her two month appointment today. She was 9 pounds 12.7 ounces, the 25th percentile, and 23.5 inches long, the 90th percentile. We(I) have decided to follow an alternative vaccine schedule with Natalie and so she received only 2 shots today and the oral rotavirus. She got HepB and DTaP. The doc said she looked great, but that her hips were a little loose so we are going to have a ultrasound on them later this month just to make sure everything is where it should be. I felt awful when she got her shots but at least it was only 2 and not 4 or 5.

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  1. Aw, poor baby. I hate shots. Sadie had loose hips too, they clicked. But it cleared up on its own and all was well.
    I love the stretching!