Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

where have I been?

Picking Pumpkins

Cruising on the couch and SO proud

This is what I mean when I say he's funny, this is underwear head...

in their matching PJs on Aiden's new loft bed. Aiden LOVES to match her.

before the side rails were on the bed

Natalie is rocking the faux hawk

Pumpkin's with Grammie

remember this... I just had to add it... he was so sweet and little...

Flying lizard make up

flying lizard and bumble bee girl

oh wait I have a blog? THAT'S RIGHT!!  People expect things to happen like... occasional updates? Sheesh you people and your high expectations.  I've been busy with making Christmas gifts (purses, pot holders, pickled peppers, (no, they are not all p's) hats, pictures, calendars and photo books)  Well there were a lot of p's in there weren't there?  I have also started making bags... Lot's of bags.  I was thinking I'd give all my gifts in bags but I'm not sure I have it in me.  Maybe just my goodies that I hand out every year will go in bags.  We have also been doing the pre-school thing 2 days a week and that takes time my friends, more time then you would think because I have to get the kids ready, pack lunches and coats, things to sit on and books or clean my house to host it.  I am also still working everyday (or that's the goal) and last weekend I went to Portland to make pasta with my mom and her sisters.  (seriously what is with all the P's?  I even have Pecan Pie in the oven right now) I guess that's the letter of the day. So I'll catch you up as best I can.  Natalie is SO close to crawling it's not even funny.  She had a check up yesterday and she was 16 lbs 9 oz (50th percentile) and just under 28 inches long (90th percentile) she is really ahead on her milestones (saying mama, dada, ad-ie and pu (we think it's Up)) she is pulling her self up if you let her use your hands or on the shower rail.  All around getting to mobile for my liking after my previous experience with an 11 month crawler.  Aiden is loving school and wants everyday to be a school day.  He's a very funny boy and his latest thing is to ask "Mama, what's today look like?" or "what do we have going today"  makes me laugh.  In fact he makes me laugh everyday, he's such a clown.  So I'll stop typing, (I have to move on to apple pie soon) and put on some pictures, I know that's what many of you are here for right?   yep, I got you figured out.  Happy Turkey day!!  I am thankful for my wonderful family and great friends.  What are you thankful for ?

Natalie peaking out of the baby wearing poncho I made for us... I love this picture