Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Aiden is now a big boy, he can turn 3!

We now have a potty trained Aiden. He did it himself, and has continued to have no accidents since last Friday. He just went in there and went, all by himself and that was it. We might have told him you can't turn 3 if you aren't potty trained and I made a big deal of telling Loren we were canceling his party and no one would be able to give him any gifts. Nonnie got him the Zamboni he has been talking about for months and we threw him an underwear party with pizza and cake. I even made him some special new underwear. What a big boy!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Cat Genie

Aiden said he wasn't sleeping so I told him to come cuddle with Natalie and I while I put her to sleep... we all got a nap.

Nap time together. This damn blog keeps turning the picture... so just turn your head.

when I woke up Aiden had his arm over Natalie and they were both asleep, by the time I came back with the camera they were both awake.

the kids were laughing at each other

blurry because Loren was still sleeping when I was taking these

So I love these pictures of everyone in bed, and the kids taking a nap together and I thought I would throw them in before I get to the real business of this post, plus I had to get myself together.
Allow me to set the scene... it's 103 outside and 78 maybe inside thanks to the 2 air conditioners running on high for the last 48 hours.... and I am in Aiden's room cleaning the litter box after dinner (boy it was nice being pregnant and not having to do that), anyways Aiden comes tromping in naked as the day he was born (why you ask, because he's not even 3 and he can, and it's hot so why not) and says to me "Mommy what are you doing, cleaning the litter box?" "yes" I reply as I continue to scoop the contents of the litter box (let me put in real quick that the damn cats go outside BUT come back in to poop and pee) anyways Aiden looks at me and says "why are you cleaning the litter box Mommy?" "because" I reply "it's not going to clean it's self." and this is where it gets good, I bet you're wondering where I'm going with a narration of my litter box cleaning, right? Aiden looks at me and very mater of factly tells me "A cat genie does" Just like that. and I keep scooping as I am trying to ensure that I heard him right "A cat genie?" I ask him. "Yeah, it goes around and a little excavator comes out and scoops and it cleans...." by this time I am laughing my ass off at my little consumer. I should also add that Aiden and Loren spend a lot of time on YouTube watching videos about whatever Aiden is interested at the moment and a few weeks ago he had a run with litter boxes. I guess it stuck. So now I know not to tell him it's not going to clean it's self because apparently for only $329 I could buy a cat genie and it would. It also flushes and sanitizes. Yep. This kid is going to be trying to sell me on things for the rest of his life, I can just see it.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Camping trip number 2- to the BEACH!

Natalie wasn't too sure about all the wind

Malaki wanted her picture taken too

it was very windy and kinda foggy

Loren driving

Aiden making faces, as always

They bloom in may or June so they look much better then they did last time we came

We brought Aiden here when he was only a few weeks old

The boys walking out to the Darlingtonia lillys

I think this is a cute picture of Natalie looking at me, sorry about the boob shot

Even at camp we must read books

this is Aiden's "fussy" face

Loren and Natalie hanging out by the fire

Aiden took this picture on Wednesday before we left of me working and Natalie helping, He's getting better!
OK so we went camping, it was really nice, the kids did great and I LOVE the kidco pea pod we got for Natalie, it make so much more sense for her to be at our level instead of having to get up and get her out of the play and pack. So the BEST part of the camping trip, Loren's forgetful moment. So we stopped at Bi-mart in Florence to get a chair (we've always only had one) and dog food because I forgot it, I also forgot pans to cook in but we didn't know that then. So while we were there I grabbed a six pack of beer. If you've ever bought beer at Bi-mart you know they have to see everyone ID and they need managers approval. So there we are, we had handed our ID's over and the manager is looking at them. She looks at Loren and asks him "how old are you?" Loren is caught off guard, thinks about it and answers her with "I am 26 years of age." So I obviously start laughing at the fact that A. Loren got carded buying my beer, B. He had to think about his age and C. He really thought he was 5 years younger then is. So I laugh and say "try 31 sweetheart" and then she asks me my age and I too have to think about it, for some reason I think I'm 29 already but I at least got the answer right. So amazingly they actually sold us the beer. Funny stuff. yeah maybe it's only funny to me, hopefully someone will get a chuckle out of it.

Last week... lets start there

Have I ever mentioned that I hate the way blogger up-loads pictures at the top of your blog no matter where you have your cursor when you click on the 'insert picture' button.... well I do. This is what is left of Aiden black eye after he was attacked by a lawn mower in the home and garden section of Jerry's. You should see the other guy....

mmmm.... homemade vanilla ice cream

So much has happened since my last post I don't know where to start so I shall start at the beginning.... well how about last week? Last weekend we went to Portland for my aunts birthday, I made a cake and homemade ice cream (champagne cake, butter cream frosting and Marion berry curd filling with Marion berry ice cream) Pictures you ask, of say the family, the cake that turned out quite nice I must say, and oh I don't know 5 cousins playing together in a very nice way??? nope, not here, what do you think I am some kind of person who takes pictures of everything? yeah. I kinda dropped the ball on that one. I did mention that I should go get my camera, I had brought it, the nice one in fact but it was out in the car and I was on the deck with my shoes off... and that glass of wine wasn't going to drink it's self so as my mother would say.... "paint a picture in your mind" of what you think it all looked like and lets just move on shall we?
I made apple sauce this past week with apples from my moms tree, since my tree has taken the summer off. I really wish it had put it in writing that this year we would be getting nothing but a few wormy apples, I might have rationed out the last of the apple sauce better... but thanks to mom there will be apple sauce for all and even some very smooth skin free stuff for Miss Nell when she starts eating somewhere other then my chest.
And well there's more, likeNatalie is really in to blowing raspberries, and she's laughing now but I'll just start another post, up-load my pics first and maybe just maybe feel a little less frustrated about the situation

Thursday, July 16, 2009

another week and another 2 batches of jam... tis the season!

Natalie sleeping on Wednesday at Sarah and Sadie's houses (thanks for the pics Sarah)

the barrette looks so cute, too bad it can't tame the whole Mohawk

looking like such a little girl

I adore this picture and the attitude that shows through

looking so pretty in her tank top and shorts

let the jamming begin, this week was boisen berries and Marion berries

two half flats done during the kids afternoon nap... have I mentioned how lucky I am that both my kids take 2-3 hour naps AND at the same time?

sleepy love squeek at Grammies house

Nelly out by the fire

Grampa time!

So cute with Grampa Pat

She's starting to grab!

Aiden at the top of the drive, up to no good!

Eating her rattle...Yum

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

pictures from today....

Lids waiting for the jam

The pressure cooker has made it's appearance for the season

mmm... blue berries, I got a whole flat this year, half for jam and half for freezing....oh and some just for eating

because everyone needs a little bling (thanks to Grammie)

Such a happy baby

some of my flowers this year

The bees have been busy this year, I wonder where we stand with colony collapse...

not sure why the colors so vibrant

next in line to be jammed... Marion berries, but only if I can keep ahead of Aiden who has taken it upon himself to eat every one that looks mostly black

I went out and picked a sandwich bag today, just so I could say I ate some. He's eaten all but one of my raspberry's this year. That little berry hog!

one of the two sunflowers I planted that survived Loren and the weed whacker this spring

baby grapes. I think I'll try to make them into jelly this year

Pears... this is the neighbors tree, but it's in our yard so it's destined to be pear sauce for Natalie

Natalie is one of her favorite places, the hammock, alone. If you get in with her she will let you know what she thinks of that. She looks so mischievous in this picture.

I love her feet in this pic.. she's just starting to realize they belong to her.
more bees, not sure why I like to take pictures of them on flowers but I do... deal with it!