Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Monday, July 27, 2009

Camping trip number 2- to the BEACH!

Natalie wasn't too sure about all the wind

Malaki wanted her picture taken too

it was very windy and kinda foggy

Loren driving

Aiden making faces, as always

They bloom in may or June so they look much better then they did last time we came

We brought Aiden here when he was only a few weeks old

The boys walking out to the Darlingtonia lillys

I think this is a cute picture of Natalie looking at me, sorry about the boob shot

Even at camp we must read books

this is Aiden's "fussy" face

Loren and Natalie hanging out by the fire

Aiden took this picture on Wednesday before we left of me working and Natalie helping, He's getting better!
OK so we went camping, it was really nice, the kids did great and I LOVE the kidco pea pod we got for Natalie, it make so much more sense for her to be at our level instead of having to get up and get her out of the play and pack. So the BEST part of the camping trip, Loren's forgetful moment. So we stopped at Bi-mart in Florence to get a chair (we've always only had one) and dog food because I forgot it, I also forgot pans to cook in but we didn't know that then. So while we were there I grabbed a six pack of beer. If you've ever bought beer at Bi-mart you know they have to see everyone ID and they need managers approval. So there we are, we had handed our ID's over and the manager is looking at them. She looks at Loren and asks him "how old are you?" Loren is caught off guard, thinks about it and answers her with "I am 26 years of age." So I obviously start laughing at the fact that A. Loren got carded buying my beer, B. He had to think about his age and C. He really thought he was 5 years younger then is. So I laugh and say "try 31 sweetheart" and then she asks me my age and I too have to think about it, for some reason I think I'm 29 already but I at least got the answer right. So amazingly they actually sold us the beer. Funny stuff. yeah maybe it's only funny to me, hopefully someone will get a chuckle out of it.

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  1. Aiden did a great job taking that pic. - I love the one of Natalie looking at you (and you showing off your boobs). Kathleen