Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Cat Genie

Aiden said he wasn't sleeping so I told him to come cuddle with Natalie and I while I put her to sleep... we all got a nap.

Nap time together. This damn blog keeps turning the picture... so just turn your head.

when I woke up Aiden had his arm over Natalie and they were both asleep, by the time I came back with the camera they were both awake.

the kids were laughing at each other

blurry because Loren was still sleeping when I was taking these

So I love these pictures of everyone in bed, and the kids taking a nap together and I thought I would throw them in before I get to the real business of this post, plus I had to get myself together.
Allow me to set the scene... it's 103 outside and 78 maybe inside thanks to the 2 air conditioners running on high for the last 48 hours.... and I am in Aiden's room cleaning the litter box after dinner (boy it was nice being pregnant and not having to do that), anyways Aiden comes tromping in naked as the day he was born (why you ask, because he's not even 3 and he can, and it's hot so why not) and says to me "Mommy what are you doing, cleaning the litter box?" "yes" I reply as I continue to scoop the contents of the litter box (let me put in real quick that the damn cats go outside BUT come back in to poop and pee) anyways Aiden looks at me and says "why are you cleaning the litter box Mommy?" "because" I reply "it's not going to clean it's self." and this is where it gets good, I bet you're wondering where I'm going with a narration of my litter box cleaning, right? Aiden looks at me and very mater of factly tells me "A cat genie does" Just like that. and I keep scooping as I am trying to ensure that I heard him right "A cat genie?" I ask him. "Yeah, it goes around and a little excavator comes out and scoops and it cleans...." by this time I am laughing my ass off at my little consumer. I should also add that Aiden and Loren spend a lot of time on YouTube watching videos about whatever Aiden is interested at the moment and a few weeks ago he had a run with litter boxes. I guess it stuck. So now I know not to tell him it's not going to clean it's self because apparently for only $329 I could buy a cat genie and it would. It also flushes and sanitizes. Yep. This kid is going to be trying to sell me on things for the rest of his life, I can just see it.


  1. that is hillarious! I think he is trying to tell you that you should get a Cat Genie no matter how much it costs!

  2. Oh, and I also love the kids sleeping in bed... they are so peaceful when it actually happens. Colton and Ayla start out kicking each other and then I have to separate them and then they fall asleep, and they sure are cute (and quiet!) Can't wait to see you guys next week!