Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Friday, July 3, 2009

just for fun

Aiden is posing

He requested this picture, and set it up himself. " I want you over there and I'll sit on the steps while you take my picture" it turned out well, too bad he's naked

Natalie chilling with me in her blue bathing suit. Why does a not even 3 month old need a bathing suit you ask.... because it's so darn cute that's why!!

it's really a fake tankini... Modesty is important in our family, can't you tell?

lost in the leaves
look at how cute her tushie looks!

we call this 'crazy hair'

Yesterday in the yard Aiden was doing tricks while I video taped him. There was another video with lots of tricks but at the end he came over and farted bu the camera then announced it. I decided it wasn't the big finish I was looking for. We have been keeping cool in the kiddie pool, Aiden likes to trow things in it not actually play in it but oh well. Natalie has been keeping cool with cool baths at night and lots of nursing. I don't see how she could be in the 25 %, look at her! but oh well. Hope you enjoy, Happy 4th everyone!!

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  1. Colton does the pose thing too. Always telling me to take pictures of him... funny. Natalie is looking so big and adorable!