Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Thursday, July 16, 2009

another week and another 2 batches of jam... tis the season!

Natalie sleeping on Wednesday at Sarah and Sadie's houses (thanks for the pics Sarah)

the barrette looks so cute, too bad it can't tame the whole Mohawk

looking like such a little girl

I adore this picture and the attitude that shows through

looking so pretty in her tank top and shorts

let the jamming begin, this week was boisen berries and Marion berries

two half flats done during the kids afternoon nap... have I mentioned how lucky I am that both my kids take 2-3 hour naps AND at the same time?

sleepy love squeek at Grammies house

Nelly out by the fire

Grampa time!

So cute with Grampa Pat

She's starting to grab!

Aiden at the top of the drive, up to no good!

Eating her rattle...Yum


  1. very cute! Love the Grandpa and Natalie pics... super cute!

  2. Natalie is turning into a toddler so fast I can't believe it! She's just adorable.