Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Friday, June 5, 2009

Cousins Come to Visit!!

The boys playing in the sand box

Uncle Tyler creating a monster with Natalie (she now expects to be carried like this) Look at the beautiful kick bag Aunt Brooke made her

Aiden changing gears

The cousins watching Cars

The boys and their boys, carrying a cloth carrier, never to be used but insisted upon by the women

Ayla in the bECO

Colton getting off Aiden's tractor to give Ayla a turn

Ayla playing with Uncle Loren's tools

The kids watching cars

So Tyler, Brooke, Colton and Ayla came and visited last weekend. The weather was HOT and our house is small so they camped in the back yard. We had a great time with them just hanging out in the yard watching the kids run around naked, enjoying the shade and catching up. The big boys threw the football around and kicked the basket ball for the dog. It is so nice to see Loren with his brother. On Sunday we went out to the ranch for a walk. Natalie developed really bad diaper rash that afternoon so we took turns holding a very fussy baby and eating ice cream, drinking lemon aid and having a good time. Everyone left on Monday and we were very sad to see them leave. We hope to get the kids together again soon. It's so nice to see cousins and brothers playing together

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  1. We had such a great time, too! It was so good to see everyone playing well together, as always! We made it back today, and are a little happy and little sad to be home...