Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Thursday, April 28, 2011

the Birthday post... a few days late

 And so my little girl is 2!! TWO can you believe it? I can't.  I still remember so clearly when she was born (wanna walk down memory lane? here's her birth blog).  I bought the Easter Lilly for me, because I did all the work on this day 2 years ago.. and it smells amazing.
 So as always I had my gift out for her to find when she woke up with balloons, two for her, one for Aiden...just because he's a good big brother.
 She seems to really like her quilt even though she's been watching me make it for way too long... I started it oh a year ago and bought the kit when she was 4 months old.
 My happy birthday girl in her birthday dress and crown.
 She got a sleeping bag from Loren.
 Now we're ready for some serious camping!
 Since she's not big into cake and LOVES berries I made some caramel sauce and some caramel whipped cream and layered them for her birthday desert.
 She loved blowing out the candles
 but when all was said and done, she poked at my creation and said "don't yike it"
 So this is what she ended up having for desert.
 Aiden wanted to wear his crown too!  Look at what a big kid he's getting to be!
 We went to Portland for Easter and continued the celebration with Uncle Ryan, Aunt Shanda and Nonnie. She got her own legos, garden tools, a horse family and some buggies.

 Easter night we had cake for her,  champagne cake with raspberry filling and frosting.
 I got her the magic re-light candles and she thought it was just delightful.
 Everyone 'tried' to blow them out.
 can you tell it was good?
 and made everyone happy!  Happy birthday to my sweet, beautiful, silly, amazing, clever, smart little girl.  I can't believe you're two!! I seems like just yesterday you were turning one!

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  1. seems like a wonderful birthday celebration! Happy 2nd birthday sweet Natalie!