Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The lego fairy

We have a Lego fairy.  (never heard of one?  me neither until the Legos appeared, and a Lego fairy is the only explanation, right?)
The Lego fairy sent us some really fun Legos today.
 A wheel set, a door and window set,some more blocks and some base plates.
  The kids dropped everything they were doing to build stuff...Aiden made a belly dump
 With a trailer and lots of wheels... we previously always had a shortage of wheels.
  Natalie and I built a house... with double windows on both sides, two door and a proper roof.  She was quite excited.  Now we are set to decorate with a couch and a chair. 

Thank you Lego Fairy... we love you, and the kids (Aiden) really does believe that you exist. I even called Loren at work to tell him about your visit and even he is excited to come home and play Legos!!


  1. Every child should have a Lego fairy. :-)

  2. The Lego Fairy is so glad the three kids enjoyed the addition to their Lego stash.