Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This week

 Aiden 'reading a book' to Natalie "I don't really read the words, Mama, I just tell her the story my way."
 My baby blue eyes...
 Aiden wanted this picture taken of him on the arrow
 A man, a dog and a dock... notice that the reservoir is filled back up.
 A man, a dog and his shadow...
 Nonnie and Natalie at the swimming area
 Rock throwing!

 yes, I know she needs her hair back but on this day she just didn't want it it's in her eyes.
 Running at the Ranch, this is our first time back since we moved last year... how I've missed this place.
 Aiden had me take a ton of pictures of him in the trees,  clearly he's missed it here too.
 I can't believe he's going to be 5 this year!
 the old dog (who's going to be 10 this month) actually caught a gray squirrel this visit, she let it go right away, I think she was as surprised as the squirrel (and us)
 On the tractor... I have so many pics of this boy on this tractor.
 Natalie taking Malaki for a ride
Today (Wednesday) Aiden participated in a psychology experiment at the U of O (his 3rd since he was born) and earned his choice of a t shirt or a gift card.  He picked the gift card and spent it on a lego fire truck with a trailer, that he put together all by him self.  He is so good at following the directions.  So that's been our week so far, and sorry I've been such a slacker, I know a certain someone has commented that they have just about given up on me ever adding new pictures.  So, HERE YA GO!!  Happy Thursday everyone!

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