Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Monday, April 19, 2010

Our little girl turns 1!!

Before we get into the BIG girl celebration, here's Loren signing papers on another house.  Third times a charm, right?  Yes he's in the house.  Want to see more?  here's a "tour"....
Now back to the celebration, the banner has been hung, and Natalie's 1 banner made
We put the kids to bed the night before then put out Natalie's kitchen
along with the birthday crown I made her and a picture of her and Daddy
She slept in and was a little out of it. She also got a kitty ballon (that's what she's looking at) and Aiden got a cars one for being a good brother for the last year
can you tell she's pleased?
Opening her leather chair, with a little help from Aiden
It wouldn't rotate, but look how cute she is

Playing plumber at the kitchen.
Hanging out with Nonnie, who came down for the night just to celebrate with her little Natalie
and SUPRIZE!  Uncle Ryan and Shanda even stopped by.  Ryan was looking for a new truck, and he found one and named it Natalie since he got it on Nat's birthday.
it was a beautiful day, mid 70's, just like the day she was born
We took mom out to see the new house, and LOOK, a sale pending sign!!  The whole family, even the dog.
well, there we are in front of the house
on our way back we stopped and investigated Fern Ridge wildlife area, all we saw was a killdeer in the parking lot, but it was still really nice
the boys
Natalie's birthday cobbler, made with berries gathered durring her first year!
I think she liked it.  I also made homemade vanilla custard ice cream.
Can you believe she's one?  We can't what a wonderful year it's been.  I love you little Nat-bug!  Happy Birthday dear daughter of mine.
Here the kids are painting together.  In their super cute aprons that Aunt Brooke made.


  1. what a great way to celebrate a great little girl! Love the kitchen!