Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And the winner is.... BROOKE!!

is the suspense killing you? no? well Brooke was right, they are reusable bags
Cute huh?I made them slightly larger then regular bags because I think most bags are too small for a good hardy sandwich.  Don't look too close, or forget them, they are Valentine gifts for some of you!!
I even made snack bags with the left over. 
mmm... I made some vegetable bean soup with kale. 
I have never used kale before but it turned out really well.
And I have been making a lot of this bread.  It is so easy and SO yummy!
Here is our whole meal.  Even Natalie had some soup and bread.
Natalie is not liking her helmet, but she is ok with brothers! I  think I might have to get her her own Nutcase helmet they are more trailer friendly with a flat back. I'm thinking this one or maybe embrace the fact that she's a girl and get this one
We have ridden the bike every day this week and the kids are getting better about being in the trailer together and Natalie seems to be getting used to her helmet.  I love my new bike and I love riding to school and shopping.  Why drive when you can ride?
the bike, the basket, the kids
isn't it cute?
Today Natalie fell asleep on the way home from school.  Look how cute her new "big girl" coat is!
SO cute and snuggled in
Oh and look what a dork I am, not only did I already buy Christmas gifts but I got all three of us matching Hanna's...they were WAY on sale and how could I say no?  I just LOVE how soft and organic they are. mmm.... who cares if we're wearing Christmas colors all year? And besides, who really sees you in your PJ's anyway?   Congratulations Brooke, I'll be sending you a bag of each color for guessing right.


  1. what a healthy dinner! I need to start doing that! candy bars are my enemy! Thanks for the contest... I love the baggies... can't wait to copy them! I just sent Natalie a box of cute clothes... hope you like them. I figure I can give you more in April :)

  2. I could have guessed for a million years and would never have come up with sandwich bags. - So what are the red trimmed pancakes? - Kathleen

  3. I was wrong? Oh well. I've been meaning to make snack bags. Now that I have my serger re-threaded I'll have to make some. :)