Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Sunday, January 10, 2010

weekend crafting

So weekends with Loren home is the only time I can sew anymore so I often spend all weekend crafting (other then nursing, putting kids to bed, cleaning, cooking, baking, putting things away, doing laundry..well you get the point) So this weekend I had me a few projects to get done.  One a fleece shirt for Soren's 1st birthday (on December 25th) but he's understanding that I had holiday crafting to do.  And a pilots hat for Natalie because she's outgrown Aiden's old green one.  So the feece shirts idea came from the Polar Chamies they sell at Market here in town for oh... 35 bucks I think?  and it's just fleece surged together so I traced Aiden's old pair and cut out a shirt from left over from diaper fleece I had sitting around.

The pilots hat I made by tracing Aiden's old hat, I then added a little over a 1/4 inch all around and cut it out of some knit I had sitting around and also some more diaper fleece to line it with.  I want it to be warm and bulky for her to wear under the bike helmet that is very big on her.

I put a snap on it instead of the tie the old one had because it seem to annoy her and get in the way.

Side view of it

she seems to like it and I'm happy with how it turned out.  It even matches her jamies (that she's still in at 2!!)
What the hell it's Sunday, right?


  1. Hey, those aren't jammies! Ayla wore those as an outfit! Cute hat, and love the fleece pj's! crafting is good... most of mine happens on the weekends too!

  2. they aren't? Oh well Natalie get's really hot in footie PJ's so she wears them as Jammies. She has so many clothes that we use them as PJ's. Natalie's wearing your favorite shirt of Ayla's with the horse on it now.