Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Week 2 with Natalie!

I'll try to add a write-up soon, but Natalie's up and I know you all really just want pictures!

Aiden is always trying to hold Natalie's handGiving his sister Kisses
Aiden a few weeks old
and Natalie in the same shirt...

Natalie in her bath, which she LOVES. Just like Aiden, she will cry when you take her out!

She won't fit in the sink for very long!
Aiden with his new hair cut, looking like a proud big brother!

More smiles from miss smiles
Aiden holding his sister for the first time, Thank GOD Roxanne took pictures the day of Natalie's birth!
Nonna holding her grand daugher for the first time!
Grammie holding her for the first time
15 minutes after her birth!!
A happy, proud, mama just after delivery
Nelly with her face still all squished up


  1. so cute! They have such a resemblance, but she is her own little girl! How are the diapers and everything working out? We are so excited for our trip at the end of the month! Hope all is well! Love you guys.

  2. Are you guys calling her Nelly?

  3. Great pictures! She just keeps getting cuter and cuter. How are you feeling?

  4. I am feeling good, almost back to normal, well other then not enough sleep, needy toddler and housework I never seem to get done!