Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend, Natalie week 3

The beautiful wisteria on the front of the house and cute little baby cherries promising another bumper crop this mouth is watering just watching them grow

my beautiful roses that Loren got me for Mothers Day

The new carrier that my mom got me, Natalie seems to like it and I can even carry Aiden in it. He's laughing at the silly light here... no red eyes for him!

Natalie and Nonna, Natalie's looking at Aiden

More Nonna time

Paul and Jane surprised us by stopping by on Saturday, Natalie apparently had had enough of the picture taking!

Aunt Penny and Uncle Peter meeting Natalie for the first time

Self Portrait by Aiden

Back yard fun looking at the shadows

Smiles! Looking cute in her brown and pink dress. I should have taken a full body shot.

Aiden and Natalie having blanket time

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! Well we had a good week here, full of appointments so we have been all over the place. Natalie had her 2 week check up, shes not gaining weight at quite the rate they would like, but at this point we are just going to watch it closely, as she is eating well and getting enough at each feeding. Aiden still loves his sister and when ever she crys he tells her its okay "its okay niddawy, It's alright " then if that doesn't work along with kisses and hand holding he starts singing made up songs to her. It's so cute! On Friday we went up to Portland to spend some time with my mom for mother's day, Natalie only woke up once on our way up to eat so it wasn't the nightmare I had envisioned. On Saturday Aunt Penny, Uncle Peter, Paul and Jane came over to meet little miss Natalie, who slept the almost the whole time, but she did smile once. Mom and I had a nice dinner Saturday night for our mother's day celebration. We had a nice brunch on Sunday morning and headed home to spend the day with Loren. He got me a beautiful dozen roses, chocolate and a super sweet card. I got some of my potted plants planted and my lettuce weeded out. All in all it was a great mother's day. I hope all you mothers out there had a great day too. Until Next week, enjoy the sun and rain!

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