Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day and Natalie's first trip to the beach!

Natalie or Gnat Bug as he calls her and Uncle Ryan

Natalie and V right before we left.

Looking tough with a sand soul patch

This is Aiden's new "tough guy" face

scary with the muscle shirt and all

Natalie LOVED the beach and the wind

Aiden and Nonnie after they played in the waves, they also saw the eagle catch something in the ocean.

where we were sitting and if you look close you can see the eagle up above us in the trees

Bald Eagle hunting on the beach. Funny thing is this is the second time we've seen one here..

Aiden and one of my cousin's cat's. The cat just Loved Aiden and followed him around.

Nonna making faces at Natalie

Natalie's 5 week birthday, at the beach for the first time.

Another one of Aiden and the cat, I think it's cute.

Everyone is smiling

SO cute

Looking serious

and happy


More of the first time at the beach

All bundled up for the wind

Natalie and I in our fort

short video of Natalie at the beach

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