Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a week of appointments...

I'll have you know I have been working on this blog for almost a week now. Why does it take so long to get a few pictures posted and type up the happenings of a week with a newborn and
Aiden. Not much happens, in fact I'm lucky if I get a load of laundry done and maybe my garden watered before it's time to go to bed and start over. Right now both kids are sleeping and I feel like I'm forgetting something. No one is attached to my boob, pooping on me or asking for .. well any number of things because he knows I have his sister nursing. Nor is he repeating the same thing to me over and over and over and over.... oh..two year olds. How I love them. SO anyway, I better get to it or someone will surely wake up. Last week was crazy, I think we had a doctors appointment of some kind or another everyday, nothing like getting two kids out of the house and to an appointment, on-time everyday for 5 days. We did okay, but I am glad the week is over and as is the surgery that the appointments were leading up to. On Monday I got a tube put in my ear so I can hear again. I would have thought I would out grow this, as did everyone else since they all seemed to think that it was Aiden who was getting the tube not me. But it's in, I can hear and now life can go back to "normal" Other then that, we had to have Natalie's tongue clipped, she was tongue tied and that was why she wasn't gaining weight fast enough. So hopefully it will solve the problem and we can stop taking her in for weight checks every week. She dealt with it fine and seems to be nursing better. Well guess that's all, better get to this weeks blog while I have a chance!! what two blogs in a week, yeah crazy I know, but remember. That second one is just a passing thought. It is likely not to happen, since the washer just beeped at me and there is a pile of diapers to fold and clothes on the line to bring in. Not to mention dinner... oh and those two kids who are sure to wake up any moment.

Okay she looks a little grumpy, but she's awake and kinda looking at the camera

Loren carrying Aiden in the Ergo for the first time, it just doesn't make sence to haul the frame back pack allong when Aiden wants to walk most of the way.

Aiden is instucting me to "take a picture of the tree that fell down over there, Mama"

Two sides of a Gustafson Head

Still worried about that tree I haven't taken a picture of

he's getting so big he can actually push the foot levers now

Me and the kids, this is the best one, and no one was looking at the camera but me


She is such a happy girl, One month old!! how the time flys

Daddy time, she might be pooping here, that looks like a poop face..

I couldn't resist, such a cute little butt under the apple tree

Watching the leaves

Aiden woke up too early from his nap, so he went back to sleep on Daddy

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