Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A little taste of summer

So maybe I'm not as good with a blog as I had hoped. I blame it on still being pregnant and just a little bit cranky about it. So yeah, still preggo. I know I'm not due until Saturday but seriously, this kid has been in here 3 weeks longer then her brother, what does she think this is an extended stay suite?? I guess I was lucky not to have the achy hips, sore back, inability to sleep and general "fullness" with Aiden. I'm just getting it all and then some with Natalie.

On the bright side we had a few days of absolutely beautiful weather. Two days of 70 + degrees!! Aiden spent all his time outside barefoot and in nothing but a diaper (I wish I could say underwear, but that's whole blog in it's self, I've just given up until after things settle down with Natalie). So I did some yard work, was I hoping it would put me into labor? yes, but even if that didn't happen I did get some lettuce and spinach planted, the raspberries weeded out, and even some shelling peas planted. My baby lettuce that I planted from seed a month ago is finally making an appearance and the spring bulbs are looking beautiful.

I may still be pregnant but at least I got a few days in the sun (even got a little tan) enjoyed the grass in it's prime and even got a few loads dried on the line. I love clothes that smell fresh, you just can't buy a dryer sheet that smells like fresh grass, and flowers. We hope everyone got to have a little fun in the sun, and I hope to be posting soon about a new baby.
Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

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  1. Every couple days is good... you can just do a quick blurb when you get a chance! Love to hear from you! 70 degrees sounds so great! We are in the 60's, but the kids have to wait until like 10 or 11am to go out, otherwise they bundle up!