Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Friday, April 17, 2009

Hospital Up-date#1

So we got here about 8:20, checked in up front, Sat by the huge fire place while we waited for our room to be ready and got up-stairs about 8:30. Answered a trillion questions and the pitosin was started about 9. Before we got here we went to Outback for dinner just like we did before Aiden was born. So now my pitosin is at 4 I'm having some crampy feelings but nothing bad. I have a beautiful view of the Coburg hills (when it's not dark) and the room is quite large and comfy. Aiden headed home with my mom at 9:30 and right now Loren and I are watching Good Eats on food network (I sure miss this show) and Loren is painting my toe nails. Yeah, you read that right, I'm getting a pedicure, working on my laptop and watching Good Eats all while being slowly pushed into labor. Not to shabby. So the mid-wife was in here earlier and we are hoping to still use the foli bulb once my cervix has dilated a bit to get off the pitosin as much as possible but we'll play that by ear. So that's your first up-date.

have a good night everyone!!

I think I might go sit in the jetted tub in a bit!

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