Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weekend at Uncle Ryan's, for a late birthday celebration

We went to Ryan's house to celebrate his birthday and on our way stopped at Cape Perpetua... I think we have been trying to get up here since Mom's  birthday in October.
The kids seemed to like it but we had planned to eat lunch at the rock house...
Aiden just wanted to go to Uncle Ryan's... so we made a quick loop, Natalie nursed and we headed on up the coast
Aiden wasn't even going to get out of the car until we got his bike out
My little man is growing up so fast
Of course there were presents to help open
and boxes to play in
and what kind of birthday celebration would it be without cake (I made a goofy cake with my friend Maren's white sauce buttercream frosting. It was GOOD)
Not nearly enough candles but oh-well.
We also set a goal to get Ryan's hallway painted.  This is no regular hallway, it must be some 40 feet long, often refered to as the green mile because it just keeps going and going. So on Sunday we got started painting.  Ryan didn't want to get paint in his eyes so he put on these very stylish glasses...
everyone wanted to wear them they were just so cool
See he's pointing at himself because he's such a trend setter
Mom was also looking mighty sharp in her fishing hat, how glorious to be behind the camera so there are no pictrues of me painting in my PJ's
The kids playing in the front yard
Natalie smelling (eating?) the flowers

I love a babies look of concentration
Playing together

Look how happy she is with herself
Such a big girl, she'll be walking in no time!
On monday before we left (and put a second coat on the hallway) we walked Ryan's property to see where his acre lay.  It was a great weekend and it's nice to know there is only 2 more rooms and countless closets to paint.  um.. yeah... painting... I'll have to remind him of all the hours we have spent painting when the white walls of the new house start to get to me.

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