Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh what a beautiful spring day!

We did art the other day, and included Natalie in the process.  I realize I need to get some good kids supplies from Stubby Pencil Studio ( I had it all in my cart but I just can't bring my self to pay 10 bucks for shipping when it's in Portland)  I think I'll just stop buy when I'm up for Easter.
Look how cute they are playing together
yep, I need some beeswax crayons
Standing on her own at pre-school, and not quite sure about it
She's growing so fast, she's not a baby anymore and it makes me sad.
I am going to miss this yard like crazy, I love it in the spring. 
clothes drying on the line under a blooming cherry, have you ever seen laundry look beautiful before?
Aiden rocking his bathrobe, can you believe it still fits?  I made it for him before he could walk!
This is his "No pictures please" shot. my little rockstar!

and this, this is what happens when NO ONE naps... this was at about 830 at night and the two of them were full of P and V.  By the time I got the camera in the right mode to record video they had stopped laughing hystericly but this is still funny.  Happy Thrusday to you all.

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