Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Let's get NAKED!!

Yippy it's spring, and according to my kids, time to play outside, NAKED!  Really it was only 68 or so, but that didn't stop Aiden from playing in the water.  When we got ready to go outside I asked Aiden if he wanted to wear shorts and he said "yeah that might be good" So we put on shorts.  Before he went outside he informed me "I don't like these pants" why not? I asked, and he killed me with his reply; "because these pants make my legs stick out, I don't like my legs sticking out like this" Out of the mouth of babes.  I laughed until I cried.   We had a picnic and spent almost the whole day in the yard!
Even Malaki came over to play in the water
I love the shot with her licking the comb.
Is there anything cuter then chubby toes, chubby thighs and a baby belly all wet and grassy?
What a good old dog Malaki is, she'll be 9 next month
This girl LOVES to swing.  You go outside and put her down and she takes off with a butt wiggling crawl to the swing
if you even start to unbuckle her she has a fit.  She is wet because Aiden had "watered" her
We made a number of laps around the yard.  Nothing like a wet, naked wagon ride in the sun
It would have worked better with Natalie in the small wagon and Aiden in the big one, but Aiden would have none of it.
I LOVE this picture, it will be even better in black and white.
And this, how I love this time, cuddled on our bed nursing.  Just us.  I love my babies and I will always tresure the time we spent nursing (good thing, there has been a lot of it, and I'm in no hurry to stop)


  1. love the photos! can't wait until it is warm enough here!

  2. anymore I love seeing pics of kids naked