Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Did the Leprechauns visit you?

They came to our house.  They fooled our trap, left treats in our shoes and even dyed the toilet water green!  Those silly Leprechauns!
Aiden painting rocks so they would look like gold
He would have painted all the rocks in the yard given the chance
our trap, I can't belive they got away with the gold!  They did leave Aiden a Mr. Happy book and Natalie a Little Miss Sunshine book for thier efforts.
our message to the leprechauns, and shoes...I didn't bother leaving mine out, somehow I knew they wouldn't leave anything for me.
they left Aiden a Sew n' Sew
and a nicki doll for Natalie

Aiden wanted me to take a picture of him playing play dough. He is finally letting me take pictures of him again!

The kids also got 2 books each, Natalie got The Sun Egg and Fiona's Luck. Aiden got The St. Patrick's Day Shillelagh and A Fine St. Patricks's Day.  I love Amazon's 4-for-3 deal.  I am able to get books for all the seasons at an affordable price.  I like the idea of having seasonal books to bring out on holidays and then put away for the rest of the year.  It keeps the books fresh. 

Tonight we are having potato leek soup and spinich salad with soda bread.  Happy St Patricks Day everyone.  I have a few more blogs to post so... maybe two in one day? wouldn't that be something!

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