Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A few honey-dos..Done!

  My boys made me a few things I've been asking for over the last few weeks.

 Number one being a bed platform. Here is how we it was for a few weeks (a month maybe?) anyway, you can't just have a king mattress sitting on the floor in the play room for longer then the 2 weeks it was there.
 Okay, Natalie helped too, Don't you like the look?  I don't think she should be using power tools with her hair like that.

Aiden is actually old enough now to use the power tools.  He's sanding his mallot that Loren made him here.  Man he's growing up too fast!
 I lost my parking spot for the construction but it was worth it.  Here it is all put together and in the process of being coated.  Brazilian cherry legs and American cherry on the sides.
 The boys putting it together.
 Finished product.  I just love it, it's tall, and big and I don't have to get up from the ground anymore, and my hips don't hurt, and there is room for all.
Even this one, isn't she cute?
 Here is project two, a fence to keep the dogs (and kids) out of the gardens
 Only cost me about 12 bucks in material so it isn't fancy.
 But I really like how it looks, and it keeps everyone where they should be.
 Look at how the lettuce has grown!  my spinach is just coming up too.
 This is last years fence to keep the berry monster out of the berry garden.  Now she reaches through and picks the unripe strawberries anyway.  At lest some of them get to ripen. 
 Things are getting big!! I think I'll squeeze in some currents next year back by the goose berry.
Aiden insisted I take this picture of him plucking weeds.  Look at him go, I'm telling you, tell them it's a treat and they do your chores for you. I'm so luck to have such handy guys in my life.  Thank you Loren for all your beautiful work, and thank you Aiden for being such a good helper.

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