Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's day 2012

 Happy late mother's Day to all you mama's out there.  On that note here is what I found when I went outside today to get Aiden to get ready for bed.  Isn't he sweet and wonderful??  I love the hugs and kisses!!!  We had a great mother's Day weekend down at my mom's house. 
 Here is my littlest gift mother's day morning.  The kids made me pictures, and Aiden had made me a dozen straw flowers, a flower and bead necklace, a card that said he loved spending time with me when we fold socks (no really, that's what it said, and that's what he told the teacher to write, I'm telling you, start them young and make it fun and they will do your chores for you!) and he planted me flowers.  So super cute.  His first true surprise gifts for me.
 We had a lovely bar-b-q lunch of hamburgers and pasta salad, on paper plates so we wouldn't have to do dishes.  Loren had even come down Saturday afternoon and was there to celebrate with us.  Here are Elin and I after lunch.  It was a beautiful day and what better way to spend it then napping in the shade, listening to the ocean surrounded by family?
 After naps and sprinkler fun we had a fire (we had to wait for it to cool down, it's just wrong to have a fire when it's almost 80)
 we made daisy chains
 I love LOVE these pictures of my little girl in her daisy chain walking through my mom's Japanese garden.
 I love how she's disappearing in this one
Even Nonnie wore the daisy chain, Elin is trying to figure out what is on her head, I have a picture of Uncle Ryan in it too, but I'm a kind person and I'll just keep that one to myself.  For now.  I have a ton of pictures from playing down in the tide pools and playing on the hammock but they are on the small camera and if I wait to post them then who knows how long it will take.  And I have to find the camera.  I think it's in the car.  Maybe tomorrow.  Here's hoping everyone had an amazing mothers day.  I know I did, thanks to my wonderful Mama, and my family.

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  1. Happy Mothers day to you too! Looks like you had a good one!