Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winter Walks

With both of us laid off right now we have been taking walks around the lake.  It's nice to get out and watch the seasons change and show the kids how  amazing nature is, and maybe just maybe teach them a thing or two.  As passive bird watchers we keep our eyes out for something we can't identify to look up when we get home, we show the kids mushrooms, trees, leaves and bugs. Sometimes we are rewarded with amazingly beautiful images, or recently it has been so cold and windy that we just walk to keep warm or duck into the trees to keep out of the wind.  No mater what each walk shows us something to remember, and a picture or two worth keeping.  Here are a few of the keepers over the last week.  Happy Thursday and I really do plan to try and be better about this blog.  Oh and to get back to the daily themes I had once, for Thankful Thursday I am thankful for my wonderful, funny, amazing kids and my thrifty, hansom, handy, clever hubby (like person).

 Funny we had just watched a nature program on Bald Eagles... and Loren spotted this pair at Perkins Peninsula yesterday
 I had my fixed lens on so I couldn't get very close and they are really pixelated because I had to crop the pictures so much but you get the idea
 I tried to get too close and we had the dog with us and scared them away... oops!
 love!!  my boys!
 This was new years day and it was COLD...
 Geese in flight... from the dog
 Aiden in the swimming area
 Who cares if it's 36 degrees with a 15 degree wind chill (or worse)  let's make a sand castle!
 what... who is that!!
 I love this girl!  Watching a plane
" I got you!!"
 Winter light, and green moss

 The dock... no water but still fun!
 a log of fungus
 this girl cracks me up... when she sees the camera she smiles and runs towards me saying "see, see.."

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  1. I love these pictures! And I am so jealous that you guys get out to walk, no matter the weather! I have been so cooped up, and am going so stir crazy!!!! Even though I can finally put weight on the leg, it still leaves me hobbling, and the ice is tricky!
    My favorite picture is the header one... absolutely love it!