Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Thursday, January 27, 2011

62... in January??

 We went and shot Aiden's rocket off last Sunday
 When did my kids get so big?
 look at him... he looks like a school aged kid!
 this is the last picture of the rocket.  It was wet and we were having issues with ignition... so the wind changed and... it ended up 100 feet up in a tree!
 Aiden was super sad to loose his birthday rocket... so we made chocolate chip cookies.
 here's my little worker today.  Safety first!
 I love this man.
 geese flying north... already!
 cable car... why, we don't know!
 so here we are in a wildlife preserve.. and do you see those three crazy birds... a heron, a crane and an osprey (the osprey is at the top)... I know it's not a great pic but I thought it was quite silly to cram into one tree.
 Aiden had to hold her hand, and no one else could!

I'm reflecting that I have been away from here because I have a few projects I should have started a while ago to get done and now my deadlines are creeping up and I'm no where near finished.  On the bright side I fixed that annoying issue I was having with the pictures on here. I just might post more! (when I get that project done)

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  1. Love the new top photo!! So sweet, and getting so big! Cannot wait to see you guys in March!! Love ya... and get to work on that project!