Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the beach!

 On Monday we headed down to the beach at Florence for a night of fun in a dive hotel (oh and it helped that it fell on the same day as the National Championship, and that the hotel had ESPN, and we don't)
 Before the pre-game shows started we headed to the beach and dunes.  This is Aiden's I just did a face-plant in the sand don't take my picture look.
 Aiden just LOVED the dunes all the hills to go up and down and humps and bumps to hide behind.
 Here he is going down a steep part on his belly, you know, just for fun!
 Natalie also had a great time, these kids love the beach as much as we do!
 It was a cold day but we stayed out of the wind for the most part down in the dunes, at least it was sunny unlike on Tuesday when we left.
 We even found some little lakes for the dog to play in.
 Loren and Natalie looking at the ocean.  Loren was running up and down the dunes with her and she thought it was great fun
 the puppy of this old dog comes out when she gets to the beach.  She was running up and down the dunes like it was nothing!
 Loren trying to show the kids a boat out at the horizon.
 My boy on a hill.  How did he get so big?  where did the time go?
 Nat (as Aiden calls her) and I... notice silly Aiden in the back ground.
 Loren jumping down into a huge deep pit we found.
 It's hard to believe this girl is going to be 10...
 Loren thanking god for the beautiful day , no, you don't believe me?  okay, he was blocking the sun so Natalie could see a plane.
 Natalie with her "eye's" on
 We took the kids to A&W for lunch (I know, I know, but we were doing this trip on the cheap) and they got little mugs.
 these kids took 3(!) baths while we were at the hotel, what the heck, we weren't paying for the water or electricity!
Here buddy want some?  

So we watched the game, a good game to watch but it could have been better if the Ducks had won, but oh-well.  It was a fun trip, I don't think we'll stay at the Silver Sands again as it was almost a little too nasty for us... but the kids loved looking into the managers room at the monkey they had in the window (yes a real one, in a cage (sad) with a diaper on) and the 55 dollar price couldn't be beat. We drove home after a rainy cold trip to the beach (37 degrees!) and it snowed on us over the pass and on and off all day when we got home. So we left just in time.  I hope you all had a good weekend!!

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  1. that looks like fun... love all the great pics you took! I need to see those kids again (and you) before they're all grown up!