Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Friday, July 9, 2010

I would just like to say welcome to my life Oregon Country Fair (thank you for the tickets Louise!!)
You are an environment I want my children to grow up appreciating
A world of crafts, handy work, good food
positive self image, acceptance
FUN, flair
relaxed attitude (kicking back reading the Peach Pit)
and an all around good time.... good music, loin cloths, bare breasts, body painting, homemade clothes and a good dose of acceptance.  Things I want my kids to aways be surrounded by (well the loin cloths are optional)
after a morning at the hot fair, what a better way to cool off then with smoothie cycles!  Happy weekend everyone!


  1. wow! that is something! Loren didn't go with you? Looks like fun... and as always, kids are adorable! Love that she gets so much use out of that dress!

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