Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WIP (work in progress) Wednesday

So my sister-in-law Brooke is always full of good blog ideas (or has the time, some how with 3 kids, to read other blogs and follow the blog trends) So she started a blog schedule.  Yeah, I can't even get my kids on a schedule and she has a blog schedule, but its' smart (she's a smart lady, what can I say) you don't have to be clever everyday and many of them are one or two pics, and pictures take me the most time.  So here's the schedule:

Truthful Tuesday: not sure if I'm comfortable with this yet, so we'll just keep that in mind
Work in Progress Wednesday: I have finally gotten things calmed down enough that I have started sewing again, so we'll do this for sure
Thankful Thursday: I always loved 10 things so we'll try to do this too
This Moment Friday: I can handle this one

and that's it, the rest is up to me... so we'll see how this goes.

So my current WIP is a quilt, and it has already been named "Ugly Quilt"  Not a good start I know.  But here's the story.  I got a bunch of fabric, sheets, and table cloths from my brothers linen closet (remember my brother bought my grandma and grandpa's house) so it was all of grandma's old stuff.  So I told him I'd make a quilt for him out of it.  Well I cut out a bunch of 12 inch squares thinking I'd make a quick quilt. Oh and did I mention that this 'grand idea' was hatched long ago when I had one kid who was maybe a year old. yeah... it's been a looong WIP.  SO I separated out the colors and found I had a blueish color pile, a red and a bunch of flowered ones.  So thinking I'd tone down the flowers I paired it with brown to match the brown stems.  And, well once you get started you just keep going hoping it will all come together.  Well I'm still hoping.  Here it is... What do you think?

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  1. I actually like it alot! but I tend to like Grandma-y stuff more than you!
    Thanks for the compliments by the way.
    Yeah, I like the idea of having a set thing to put on the blog... and not always about the kids... cause that is usually what it is all about!