Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Grammie!! (and pumpkins)

 Grammie came to visit for our annual Pumpkin Patch trip.  We went to Thistledown as usual.  
 Natalie was a little clingy and made it difficult to get good pictures of her out there, but we had a great visit, apart from them being out of apple cider... the NERVE! 
 Natalie picking cosmos!
 Look at how much fun they were having!!  Remember how sweet and cute they looked last year??
 Daddy showing Natalie the buggies
 Natalie and Grammie in the corn maze
 Off the boys go... pumpkins in tow
Grammie's Mouse House... Isn't it cute?? we went and collected the sticks and use our mice from last year... I love it!
 Aiden collecting sticks (truth be told he was complaining about it but shhh... )
Natalie in the grass looking very disheveled... messy hair and all...

Roxanne also brought downs some hosta starts and we pulled up the ugly looking plants that were in the shade garden and started something else... you have to imagine how it will look when the hostas come in full and beautiful in the spring... and I'll put in 2 or 3 more toad Lilly's and some flowering shade plants that I saw but can't remember the name of... stay tuned for the splendor in the spring!!

We were sad to see Grammie leave but look forward to her coming back again real soon! 

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  1. love the mouse house! so cute! looks like a lot of fun. i want apple cider now.