Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the big 4!!

Yep, my little boy is 4, I can't believe it.  I bet you thought I'd never post about it.  Blogger has been so slow I keep loosing my patience.  I have better things to do then stand at this computer. 
So as our birthday's often do Aiden's Birthday celebration started the weekend before with a visit from Grammie!
and a dinosaur ice cream cake!
opening Grammie's gifts
Then on his birthday eve (after he went to bed) I decorated for the big day!
His crown, a birth picture of my little peanut at about 5 pounds! gifts from mama and a pin to wear all day.
I got Aiden a balloon and left it outside his door with his wallet tied to it.  Here he is just after he woke up, he was cold and a little confused I think!~
Opening his activity book from Grandma and Grandpa Gustafson
a snack of red beagles before we went to town to have our traditional breakfast out, then to his friend Elia's house for some play time, Costco for lunch and some samples, and finally to the pet store, just for fun! All the things Aiden wanted to do!
The erupting volcano dinosaur cake.
Aiden helped decide where the dinosaurs (felt mama made ones) would be on the cake
blowing out the candles!!
The next day Nonna came down and we met at the Lane County Fair for some MORE birthday fun!!
Lot's of Rides for this little boy who's now tall enough for a lot of the rides!
On Friday we headed down to Uncle Ryan's for his birthday party.  No party he said just let's go to Uncle Ryan's.  So we did.  Like I need convincing to go to the beach on a beautiful weekend!!
Natalie picking up rocks to throw in the bay.
We had a great weekend playing at Uncle Ryan's, building fairy houses, mowing the law...
Having fires, and roasting marshmallows
Jumping off things... Lots of Jumping!
Here he is on the last day, with his wings out in front of the big fairy house we  built.  It's really for the Root Children he told me.  Next time we have to work on their back door.  So that was our wonderful birthday week.  I think he had a great time, he got lots of fun stuff... a generator lantern, a remote control car, a new case tractor to go with Uncle Ryan's old implements, a bell and a horn for his bike, art supplies, an art cupboard, a wallet, new underwear (aww mom.. what fun is that??) and some money that he put in his piggy bank.  We hope you all had a good week, and I hope to catch up with another post tomorrow of our trip to Fire Camp to see the Helicopters.... there is also a blackberry jam post... yeah...I'm behind!

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  1. I can't believe they are 4! Looks like you guys had a great time! (love seeing nat in that sweater!!!) Did he like his puzzle? that i mailed