Beach, May 2014

Beach, May 2014

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Welcome back to WIP Wednesday, what was that... you've been here all along?  Oh, that's right I'm the one who's been missing.  Sorry.  Things have been a little weird lately and at the risk of coming across bitter/angry/sad I just stayed away.  But we're good (or getting better) So the show must go on.  I have been working on things for Aiden's birthday.  I still have a few things to go... felt dinosaurs for his cake, shorts that he's insisting on...a doll sling of his own.. The last two will have to wait as I also have a special little boy turning 1 the day before Aiden's birthday who will need something made for him too.
First up: new decorations, we were in need of more re-usable festivity
It looks like this all strung out, and no I was not clever enough to come up with this on my own, I got the idea from here. I have had it saved for a year or so.
I have also started Aiden's birthday crown and I see the problem with making these after the recipient has opinions... he is choosing the colors and I must say, I'm not so happy with how it's turning out. Kind of Christmas like.... but oh well it's his crown after all.
Birthday bag for one present, 2 more to make.
a wallet, I made this pattern up all my self.. and I'm quite happy with how it turned out.  He has been wanting to bring money with him, or his library card and he has no where to put so I made him somewhere.
Library card slot and a coin pocket since we all know little boys are happier with 10 pennies then a dollar bill.
And this is my on-going WIP, I'm busting my stash of scraps and cutting it into 6 inch long strips of varying widths (what ever gets the most use of the scrap) Some day when I have nothing to do (funny thought isn't it?) I'll sew them together and make a bunch of strips 6 inches wide then sew those together to make a crazy quilt top that I will always be able to look at and remember what I used a certain fabric for.  Or that's the long term goal.  We'll see. So that's what I've been up to, how about YOU??


  1. great idea on the quilt top... I should do something like that! someday. I should be sewing right now, but instead I am on here.... hmmm. I LOVE the garland, and the wallet. colton just told me he loved dinosaurs more than tractors... but I am not so sure if he does! I can't believe Aiden's birthday is so soon. I would like to say I am making him something, but I have yet to be inspired with little boy stuff. Does he need anything in particular? Love ya!

  2. I love the streamers and the crown, and the wallet! I can't wait to set up my sewing area.
    Craft room! Craft room!